Mikael – Infinite Nu Jazz

Mikael has just released his fourth album, Infinite Nu Jazz. One of the arrangements that we believe his fans are going to enjoy, is his rendition of, “In All My Wildest Dreams”, by the late, great, Joe Sample. This melodic and lush composition is certain to touch your hearts. This album also offers flavors of Calypso Jazz, Latin Jazz, Funky Jazz, along with many Soothing Jazz sounds, including the single, “Trippin Over You”. In March 2019, this arrangement was awarded the “silver medal”, for “Outstanding Achievement”, in the Smooth Jazz category, by the Global Music Awards association.

The multiple talents that contributed to the various tracks found on this album are, John Michalak, Saxophonist, Terry Tuck, Bass, Lesly Louis, Keys, vocals: Giel Branker, and India Tuck Mills. Other contributing artists were, Don “Huff” Wright, Bass, Cliff Mitchell, Keys, Rob “Diggy” Morrison, Keys, Arnaldo Jimenez, Bass, and Abel Pabon, Keys.

Having played as the lead guitarist for the famed Commodores, for nearly a decade, the artist, Mikael is well-known by millions around the globe. Although, he is versatile in many genres of music, he has a great love for smooth jazz, which is apparent in many of the works he has produced over the last several years. His previous album, “Grooveology the Finale”, earned him three GMA awards.

Infinite Nu Jazz is now on sale at CDBaby.

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