Urban Jazz Coalition – Covers

Columbus, Ohio very finest contemporary jazz band Urban Jazz Coalition has now released Covers (2019), their 23rd album. The group consists of bassist and founder Phil Raney, percussionist Hector Maldonado, keyboardist Brendon Howard, saxophonist Richard Randolph, drummer Rich “Rico” Adams and guitarist Duane Tribune.

The group is accompanied on selected tracks by their friends Joe Gothard (guitar and vocals), Lee Savory (trumpet and flugelhorn), Keith Newton (saxophone and flute), Ben Sherburne (sax), Brian Skeel (keyboards), Jim Bridges (drums), and special guests lead vocalists Jamar Ward, Quan Howell, Janeen Holmes and background vocalists Andrea Jackson, Nikia Humphrey, Brian McKnee & Electa Dawn Lee.

Motto of this album is “Learning From The Greats”. Some of the cover songs were already recorded by the group over the years, others are part of their live repertoire or the band just like them to do.

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