Richie Love – New Horizon

This is Richie Love‘s long awaited second CD, that features him exclusively on saxophone for the first time. It truly is an example of the old saying “Good things Come to Those Who Wait” and it exceeds that by not just being Good but Great. There are twelve (12) original songs on this “New Horizon” CD, produced by Richie’s Lifelong friend and widely respected vocalist Carey Washington who performed with such great artists as Smokey Robinson, Troop, and the Whispers. Richie produced Carey’s first Album release in 1986. So Carey’s Love and Bond with Richie can be felt on every track..

The first and funky opening cut, ”Let’s get this party started”, it really does! It is followed by the very sultry and sensual ”Feelin Good About Myself”. Richie’s and Carey’s, “24th Street, Omaha”, is a special and noteworthy homage to their North Omaha, 24th St. Roots and to some of its’ music/funk legends and R&B, Jazz predecessors, such as, “Buddy Miles”, “Andre Lewis”, “Hank Redd”, “Curly Martin”, “Calvin Keys”, “Victor Lewis”, “Lalomie Washburn”, “Stemsy Hunter”, “Lester Abrams”, “Leslie Smith” Billy Rodgers and many others. This “high energy” cut is certain to be a hit to one and all. Other new and uniquely original cuts include: “What’s Happenin” and “Baby”, with smooth vocals by two amazing up and coming stars, (with vintage moments of the Motown styling) both are certain to withstand the “music appreciation” test of time! The twelfth song, entitled, “Stankin”, is a funky fun, jazzy ditty over-laid with distinctive “Rap” by “Dismost” who Richie mentor at age 14. It’s certain to be a popular “sweet-smelling” hit with all!

Richie is uniquely gifted musical artist, for whom, all serious connoisseurs and casual music listeners can overwhelmingly appreciate and enjoy. Richie, makes love with his music and makes his music with love! You are also strongly encourage and urged to check out his website, and his YouTube videos. You won’t regret it.  The songs will take you through a spectrum of sounds and feelings. You will feel them tug at your Heartstrings at times and other times you’ll find yourself snapping, tapping and singing along to the soulful melodies.

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