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Florin Clonta – Saxoflone

Hailing from Romania, alto saxophonist Florin Clonta discovered his talent and passion for saxophone at age 14… and was nothing but a fascinating journey ever since. After graduating music high school and music academy (from which he earned a Bachelor of Music degree in music pedagogy), adventurous, open-minded, looking for new challenges and musical influences, Florin moved to Toronto, Canada. He’s now a versatile saxophone player with an active performing schedule and a growing reputation. Furthermore, in 2018 Florin delivered his first solo album Saxoflone, an amalgam of classic and modern tunes, smooth jazz and pop music.

In a career that spans two decades, Florin Clonta had shared the stage with numerous musicians, had successful collaborations and projects as he continues to be a passionate saxophone player who captivates audiences with his music and stirring performances. Saxoflone is a balance of past and present, creativity and influences, an amalgamation of smooth jazz, pop and easy listening tunes.

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