Kim Scott – Free To Be

In the highly competitive music market it is not easy for a flutist to assert herself. This also applies to the field of smooth jazz, where other flutists such as Althea Rene or Ragan Whiteside are striving for points of fame alongside Kim Scott.

Alabama based flutist Kim Scott knows the music business well enough after her albums Crossing Over (2011), Rite of Passage (2013) and Southern Heat (2016) to be aware of what matters. Strengthened by the innovative record label Innervision Records and perfectly connected with an exquisite team of accompanying musicians and producers, her new album Free To Be (2019) has all ingredients to become a winner.

The credits includes familiar names and distinct stars of the smooth jazz scene. As with her previous albums, main participant is producer Kelvin “Wu10” Wooten, who is also involved on keyboards and programming. Further musicians on selected tracks are Sean Michael Ray (bass), West Byrd (keyboards), Eric Essix (guitar), Jazmin Ghent (tenor sax), Jonathan Fritzen (piano), James Lloyd (various instruments), James “PJ” Spraggins (keyboards, drums, percussion and programming), Jaden Scott (keyboards and programming), Cameron Ross (alto sax), and Dimitri Turner (instrument programming).

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