Mattias Roos – It Goes On and On

Swedish musician, songwriter and producer Mattias Roos is a founding member of the band Soweco that he formed with drummer Peter Gustavsson in 2011. He started his solo career with the album My Story (2016). His second project Movin’ Up (2017) made his breakthrough on the American music market.

Now he returns with his third album It Goes On and On, scheduled for release June 24, 2019 on Skytown Records. “It Goes On and On” is the title and “It Goes On and On” is certainly the sentiment as Swedish keyboard player Mattias Roos comes roaring back with this stunning ten track collection that once again finds him at the top of his creative game.

Written, arranged and produced by Roos throughout, “It Goes On And On” is released on the Skytown Records label and follows his 2017 project “Movin’ Up”.
In common with this earlier effort it demonstrates to perfection the penchant he undoubtedly has for sublimely fusing smooth jazz grooves with an authentic old school vibe.

As well as being a solo artist and a ‘go-to’ keyboard player for several top-flight Swedish performers, many will know Roos as a founding member of the band Soweco that he formed in 2011 with drummer Peter Gustavsson. Roos has carried some of that distinctive Soweco sound into what is now a burgeoning solo career but in doing so has fashioned an identity that is very much his own.

This is clear from as early as the opening number, the vibrant “Rising to the Top” that also happens to be the first single to be serviced to radio and goes on (and on) with the immense “It’s a Lovely Day” where a brassy back drop proves to be the perfect accompaniment to Roos’ immaculate keys.

Just as good, and with a fabulous shuffling beat, the easy grooving title cut benefits from cool guitar from the one and only U-Nam.
In terms of repaying the favor it really doesn’t get better than this as when U-Nam was working on his 2017 project, “The Essential Collection”, he called upon Roos to play keys on the infectious “Soul Breeze” that ultimately powered its way into the Billboard Top 30 national airplay chart. Not only that, Roos also adds a splash of Rhodes to the wonderfully feel good “Artbeat” which is the latest single from U-Nam’s current runaway smash “Future Love”.

On both counts the results are mesmerizing and, back with “It Goes On And On”, much the same can be said of “Back To You” with which Roos delivers what proves to be a tasty slice of textbook smooth jazz. He does it all again with the highly infectious “Bring It On” and in fact both tunes benefit from Samuel Olofsson’s superb playing on guitar. In all Olofsson contributes to six of the ten choice tracks and another regular member of Roos’ supporting entourage is sax man Greger Hillman whose performance on the Ripingtons-esque “Party In My Backyard” is a real attention grabber.

The turned down but nevertheless catchy “Magical Nights” reveals a more delicate side to Roos’ musical persona while the mellifluous “Just Cruising” is simply a delight. He keeps things relaxed for the spine tingling “Spending My Time With You” for which Skytown label mate Andrey Chmut makes an extremely classy impression on sax and another song that is definitely on the moody side is the atmospheric “Beautiful Starlights” where trumpet from Markus Asplund proves to be the icing on a decidedly tasty cake.

Truth to tell, as the album reaches a breathtaking conclusion with a bonus radio edit of “Rising to the Top” there is little doubt that Roos’ growing fan base will be longing for the music to go on and on. There is little doubt that it will.

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