Marcelo Gagliotti – Sometimes Nylon Strings

Born in São Paulo on July 18, 1976, family musical heritage, Marcelo Gagliotti had his first contact with a musical instrument at 10 years old when he began to play the guitar with his father at home. Interested in keyboard and percussion instruments, he began his career as an arranger. Producing several albums of independent artists, Marcelo began to exercise basic arrangements for strings, for horns and voices. He worked a short period on TV where he worked as sideman of numerous artists, including Fafa Belém, Wanderley Cardoso, Ovelha, Paulo Ricardo, Jair Rodrigues, Emilinha Borba, Altemar Dutra Jr., Agnaldo Timoteo, Tinoco, Almir Rogério and many others.

After this phase, still in the studio, he entered the field of advertising as instrumentalist and arranger, and even today performs several recordings in various styles. With Sometimes Nylon Strings he offers his newest album with jazz, new age, funk and rock elements.

This album is available for download only on CDBaby.

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