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Gary Metz – Open Skies

Saxophonist Gary Metz began his career pursuing a degree in performance and composition. While attending school he soon found work performing, arranging and recording . Although his training and background was in classical music he felt drawn more to the rhythm and nuances of jazz and R&B. Now, after countless gigs and hundreds of sessions as a side man, he is showcasing his new songs with the help of well known Producer Michael Parlett. From the stage to studio he finds himself in the spotlight once again. In addition to performing, writing and producing he has worked in television and movie production, and even appeared on the Today Show. He works with some of the best musicians in the business, and as an artist he gives all the credit to having good people involved in any and everything.

Here is the A-list of players on the Cd. Grammy award winner Jimmy Haslip(bass), Greg Manning,(keyboards),Adam Hawley (guitar), Daryl Williams (bass), Tony Moore,(drums), Lee Thornburg (brass,arranging),Patrick Bolton (keyboards,arranging), Darrell crooks (guitar), Hans Zermuehlen(keyboards,arranging), Mike Parlett (producer), Shante Walker(vocals), Rodney (BR), Millon (guitar), and Tony Saunders (bass).

Collectively, the history and credits of the musicians are far too numerous to list but it safe to say that what they put their musical talents to turns to gold. The production is first rate lead by producer Michael Parlett showing his producing and mixing skills with every track. This project stands out and stands apart from the pack.

Give it a good listen on CDBaby.