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James Gibbs III – Leveled Up

James Gibbs III known as King James III is a recording artist and the face for the new jazz record label Next Paradigm Records. He is a trumpeter, producer, music director, arranger, engineer, educator, and founder of Brick City Entertainment NJ LLC. Born in Newark and raised in Irvington, NJ James has been playing since he was 9 and professionally since he was 14 years old. Star student of the New Brunswick Jazz Institute, James was sought out by the late great Betty Carter in 1994 and he played and performed with her since her death in 1998. James was also mentored by the late great Donald Byrd while attending Delaware State University.

James recently embarked on ha new journey recording and releasing his 4th album project as an artist (his 1st for Next Paradigm Records). In addition to his success as a side man, he is a successful band leader and the founder of Brick City Soul Collective.

Leveled Up is available on iTunes.