Pieces Of A Dream – On Another Note

The fact that Pieces Of A Dream are already releasing their 24th album is a clear sign of consistency and popularity, which is particularly noteworthy in the field of smooth jazz. Pieces Of A Dream are Curtis Harmon (keyboards, drums, percussion) and James K. Lloyd (keyboards).

Both are joined on the new album by Tony Watson Jr.(sax), Chris Harris (guitar), Elec Simon (drums), Bennie Sims, George Granville, Tony Watson Jr. (keyboards) on selected tracks. Curtis and James have essentially shared the compositional work, with assistance also received from Tony Watson Jr. and Bennie Sims on some songs.

Since their album Peaces (1997) the group has solidified their style based on the still popular smooth jazz. On Another Note doesn’t make a difference when James Lloyd quickly reaches into the piano keys to a groovy shuffle beat. James likes to shine with his virtuoso interludes. With Tony Watson Jr. on the saxophone the sound becomes full and rounded.

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