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Wenso Ashby – Artistry II Reloaded

Wenso Ashby is an American contemporary jazz pianist and prolific composer creating music characterized as instrumental smooth jazz. His continued love affair with music and especially the piano inspires him to compose music that creates a relaxing mood.

He has performed on network television seen both nationally and internationally, as well as opened for national jazz recording artists including saxophonist Kim Waters and bassist Gerald Veasley.  Wenso Ashby’s music and performances have made him a favorite on the contemporary jazz scene.  Artistry, his previous album release, is an all instrumental tribute to the masters including Joe Sample and Duke Ellington.

This album was created as a follow up from Artistry to expand beyond the voices of the ebony & ivory of the piano. I wanted to utilize the talents and gifts of other musicians. I love the influences that each bass player brought to the game. From the funk to the blues and a little in between. Additionally, you have to pair the right feel of each song and I was very blessed to connect with Hugo who brought his skills and abilities along with the Latin flavor holding down the drums. To complete the deal I needed to showcase the soprano, alto and tenor with some vocals to spice it all up.
In conclusion, Artistry II Reloaded is for those who simply love music. This is the type of album you can let play over and over again.

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