John Novello – Good To Go

Organist, keyboardist, pianist, master of all keys John Novello started his solo career with the album Too Cool (1990), followed by Always & Forever (2004), Threshold (2004), Organik (2005) B3 Soul (2008) and Ivory Soul (2016). His newest project is Good To Go (2019).

The album was produced and engineered by John Novello and Andy Goldmark. Most of the tracks are written by John Novello, some by Andy Goldmark in parts with other writers. The album also offers two covers. John Novello plays on this album acoustic piano, electric piano, B3 Organ, Korg synthesizers and on selected tracks bass. He is joined by Eric Marienthal, Jeff Nathanson, Jazmin Ghent, Jeff Ryan (sax), Adam Hawley, Chris Standring (guitar), Eric Valentine, Rayford Griffin (drums), Andy Goldmark (drum programming), and Alberto (percussion).

Friends of the music of The Rippingtons will love the uplifting and dynamic sound of Good To Go which is stylistically very similar to the music of this group. The renewed collaboration with saxophonist Eric Marienthal has a beneficial effect on the quality of the title song.

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