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Darnell “Showcase” Taylor – Turning Point

When a passionate adventurer finds music, then magic ensues. Guitarist Darnell “Showcase” Taylor captivates worldwide audiences through a style that balances tradition with innovation. Born and raised in Moncure, North Carolina, the self-taught musician started his love affair with instruments as a church kid having joined a local band at the age of 15. Playing throughout the country for a wide variety of artists, Taylor eventually met Grammy Award winner Anthony Hamilton. The powerful, soul master added him to his critically acclaimed band where they continue to thrill music lovers across the globe in South Africa, France, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, and the Caribbean to name a few.

With every note, Taylor’s dedication intensifies paving the way for incredible collaborations that defy boundaries. As a producer, he has composed more than 50 songs for Soul/Blues artist Willie Clayton, rising songstress Jackie Michael, and award winning saxophonist Marcus Anderson. Further demonstrating his musical diversity, Taylor performed on Grammy Award winner Tasha Cobbs’ “One Place.” A testament to his commercial appeal, he earned the attention of Ibanez Guitars who tapped the musician to serve as a face of its international brand.

Taylor enjoys the beauty of collectively performing with some of the most dynamic artists of our time yet still recognizes the gift of his individual music interpretation. As a result, he is finalizing his debut solo album “Turning Point,” which will highlight his exceptional range of artistry that will smash all labels. While contemporary music typically features a voice as storyteller,
Darnell “Showcase” Taylor masterfully narrates the human experience of love, pain, joy, and defeat through a beautiful merger of man and guitar.

Turning Point is available on