Marcus Mitchell – In My Own Lane

Marcus H. Mitchell founded in young years the label 24th Music, a division of MHM Entertainment Group. In 2005 he released on this label his debut album Jumpin’. His second album R&R – Rest & Relaxation followed in 2007. His album All About You (2015) was his fifteenth. His new album is titled In My Own Lane (2019).

It is a phenomenon of the times that many musicians write all songs themselves and record them as multi-instrumentalists. Marcus goes a few steps further. He produces and mixes the songs and markets them on his own label. He even has made under his own name some of the musical instruments he plays on.

But let us turn our attention to the present album. In My Own Lane Talk is, so to speak, the greeting from the kitchen, a sound painting as a small prelude followed by the Intro itself. Starting with a hard beat Marcus develops a captivating melody on sax accompanied by two minimalistic chords. That way the focus stays on the theme.

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