Ed Brown – Legacy Volume I

His father played the guitar, the oldest brother, William picked up the drums, the youngest sister (at the time) Angela, started to sing lead, the youngest brother, Daniel, also picked up the guitar and before you knew it, the family even joined by Mom, Patsy, was out singing and playing as “The Souls Of Unity” gospel singers. The Souls of Unity grew apart and around that time, Ed was attending college in Landover, MD where he met Stanley Jones (who is now the keyboardist for the likes of Johnny Gill and Toni Braxton). Stanley was a member in the band “A New Beginning.” After seeing this band a few times and hangin’ out with Stan, Ed Brown knew he had to start a band of his own. Kharisma (pronounced the same as the word charisma). Tough Act To Follow was his next band. The duo group Salamy & Brown his next project.

In December, 2006, while Ed was preparing for a Tough Act To Follow reunion, he received an email that Diamond Alley was looking for a bass player. He contacted Doug Macuch (DA drummer/manager) and set up an audition. It was a very satisfying experience. And it was made clear that the job was mine if I wanted it. Well, here I am!

Ed Brown comments: “How many of use dream about making money with our music? Well, I’m one of them, but I have to say, this stuff ain’t easy. I’ve been trying to learn studio hardware, software and plugins on top of spending time learning how to be a better musician. I have played music for a very long time, but all I ever did was play by ear. So basically, I’m the old dog that has to learn new tricks…and old habits are truly hard to break.  After only playing by ear for so long, it was pretty jarring to find out how much I didn’t know about my instrument and I’m working extra hard to improve on that front. This album is called Legacy Volume I because it represents the starting point. I want to become a better producer, song writer and musician…and I have to start somewhere. I made a commitment to break the ice with this project so it could be a gauge for the continued Legacy projects.”

Legacy Volume I is Bass player’s heaven on CDBaby.

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