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Ear Candy Jazz Factory – Tangerine Peel Jam

Ear Candy Jazz Factory is a Japanese trio consisting of pianist, producer and composer Rei Narita, the now 16 years old drummer Sato Kanade and the bassist Sakurai Naoko. Rei has already released the albums The Color Of Soundscape (2011) and The Color Of Soundscape II (2015). The group’s debut album Tangerine Peer Jam was released in Asia in 2017 and is now also available in the rest of the world.

The name says it all. The three Japanese virtuosos offer a treasure chest of earwigs with their album. Tailwind starts a firestorm of sonic spryness and viability that is unparalleled. Urahara Cat Street surprises with a jam-like finesse of funk and contemporary jazz, while the vintage sound of the Hammond B3 gives the whole a special kick.

The mellow Monsoon in Crimson is a saxy excursion into the green zone of smooth jazz. Run Through the Urban City is another dynamic prove of the possibilities and abilities of the band. Soulful piano as par force hunt through the melody enthuses the audience. You will never expect behind the title The Feeling of Samurai a Latin enhanced Bossa Nova. The group takes up this rhythm and develops it into something vibrant.

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