Jazzodrom – Movements from the Basement

Our new EP „Movements from the Basement“ shows who we are as a quintet – five individuals searching for that magic moment, where we can act as one. One body. One thought. One groove. One tone. Transcending ourselves and at the same time revealing our innermost being in musical interaction. Capturing these precious moments, we recorded 7 tracks, each of them having their own unique personality – taken altogether making up something greater than just the sum of its parts. So, this is it. This is, what we are. This is „Movements from the Basement“.

Lineup: Andreas See – Saxophones, Gerd Rahstorfer – Trumpet & Flugelhorn, Martin Wöss – Piano, Christian Wendt – Bass, Alex Pohn – Drums

Movements from the Basement is arrived on CDBaby.

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