Ear Candy Jazz Factory – Tangerine Peel Jam

Ear Candy Jazz Factory is a trio like no other, consisting of male pianist, female bassist and female drummer. You will enjoy new melodious, brilliant and joyful. The album was released by “key Rei jazz”, a new label launched by the pianist Rei Narita to seek for beautiful sounds along with a Japanese High-End audio manufacturer.  The three young members have been drawing attention from all over the world via SNS or YouTube for their superb playing skills. We hope you enjoy play by Kanade who is a 16-year-old drum princess but too cute for you to imagine her powerful performance, larger-than-life Technic by Sakura who is a rare and good-looking female bassist, and fantastic finger maneuver by piano prince Rei.

Ear Candy Jazz Factory’s debut full album produced by Rei Narita is now on sale at CDBaby.

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