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Reza Khan – Next Train Home

Severely dehydrated from the oppressive heat during his travels from Mali to Uganda, Reza Khan was hospitalized after collapsing in a United Nations office. To avoid the lengthy hospitalization prescribed by doctors, he convinced them that he would recover faster if he was ensconced in a hotel room instead. During that five-day stay, he broke out his portable guitar and wrote the title track for his fifth album, “Next Train Home,” which drops April 5.

The New York City-based, Bangladesh-born Khan serves as program manager for the UN, contributing to peace and conflict operations throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. During the six-week trek abroad, he wrote the twelve songs for the album, recording the conceptual ideas on his laptop using a folding guitar and a simple keyboard that he travels with in his backpack. After experimenting with rock, pop, world music and soul-jazz over the course of his first four albums, Khan believes that composing the music for “Next Train Home” took him in a creative direction that led to his self-discovery as an artist in search of a “home.”

“The title ‘Next Train Home’ represents a destination where I feel totally comfortable and at ease surrounded by familiar sounds, emotions and conviction as an artist. The ‘Home’ is testament of a destination as an artist looking for a signature in recognition, style and branding. After a long soul-searching exercise moving from genre to genre, I feel like I am finally settled as a writer, composer and stylist. Artistic direction found, the destination is identified thus I am ready to take the next train home,” said Khan, who produced the record. Continue reading