Phillip Doc Martin – Colors

Quite rightly Philipp Martin is nicknamed Doc. He works in his day job as dentist in the Washington DC area. His second passion is music and as saxophonist he has already released several solo albums.

All started with his album Saxappeal in 2003. 2007 followed Pride and Joy, then Realization (2009), and  Good Day at Work (2013). Pocket Love (2016) was his fifth album and was released on the label Innervision Records. Now he is back with Colors (2019). Phillip comments: “I must say, it has been so wonderful to make albums over the past 20 years. What has also been amazing is that I have been able to do this while pursuing a dental career. The only adjective to sum it up to me is Colorful. This is why this album is named as such. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!”

Colors just arrived at CDBaby.

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