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Monzell Dunlap – Turquoise and Blue

Born in Wadesboro, North Carolina on May 26, 1969, Monzell Dunlap first started playing saxophone at age 11 and from there developed his skills on the drums. Although musically inclined at an early age, Monzell explored visual art, creative writing and mass technology at Appalachian State University earning a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology.

Monzell has completed various independent jazz fusion projects and numerous creative writing ventures including 2bfilms screenplay projects ( Monzell is now a published author, “Poetessential: Thoughts of a Man” and is involved in community and youth advancement projects across the Southeastern United States through Direct Action Media Academy, Inc., a grassroots non-profit organization formed in 2008 for the education and development of individuals, businesses and communities.

His new project is Turquoise and Blue and available as download on CDBaby.