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Antonio Orrico – Urban Legends

Antonio Orrico is an Italian guitarist / composer. He just returned to Italy after 13 years living in Johannesburg, South Africa. He studied guitar with jazz masters such as Bruno Marrazzo and Colombo Menniti and arrangement at the Berklee College of Music. In his years in Johannesburg he was able to write for many TV Shows, Advertising Spots and Multi-Platinum Artists: McDonald, Knorr, Multi Choice, Emperor Palace, Jamali, Kabelo, Wian Vos, Liesl Graham, SABC Sport, Woza 2010, 7de Laan , Top Billing, Wufukezele, Walk The Plank, The at Wiel and more. Antonio is also an excellent teacher and has had the opportunity to teach some of the most prestigious schools in South Africa including “The National School of the Arts” and “Campus Of The Performing Arts”.

His debut album Urban Legends is just released and available on or if you prefer uncompressed music on Onkyo Music.