Robbie Mac – Pause & Reflect

Classy!” “Beautiful!” “A journey for the spirit and soul” This is what listeners are saying about the music of Robbie Mac. Robbie Mac is the premier artist of an up and coming genre called instrumental inspiration. Rob started playing drums for his church at the age of nine. He later earned a music scholarship to play drums at the local community college. In college, he picked up the bass and later on the piano. Rob’s CDs have been distributed within the US from Maine to California, as well as outside countries including Canada and Jamaica.

Rob has been blessed to work and/or record along side of many talented artists and musicians including Kirby D. Trim, Issachar J Watson, Adrian Gill, Nick Williams and Paris Hearn to name a few. Pause & Reflect is the first full Urban-Jazzy Instrumental album released via online distribution only by Robbie Mac – featuring music produced over the last twelve years.

The tracks of this album are available for download at CDBaby.

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