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Deshannon Higa – Words Cannot Express

This album is supremely unique in Hawaii. You will find the melodies on this album infectious and catchy, and find yourself humming them long after you’ve listened to it. Featuring an unparalleled assembly of local and legendary talent (20 artists) with a collective 500 plus years in the business, this record is sure to please the most discriminating of music enthusiasts. It’ll make you dance, sing, cry, ponder, and imagine. The improvisational prowess and acuity of skill demonstrated here is on par with anything coming out of New York. Prepare your ears, and listen with your soul. Let this album speak to you with “words that cannot express.”

Words Cannot Express is a masterpiece of original songs with catchy melodies and a reinvention of two beloved covers, one a classic hymn and the other a sacred Hawaiian theme. It features an unparalleled array of musical talent with mad skills.

This album is available on CDBaby.