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Bevin Turnbull – Clocktime

Bevin Turnbull is composer, educator, pianist at the Bronx Renaissance Community Theater. He works with musicians, actors and dancers of all ages. They do concerts, workshops and private lessons. Bevin’s principal instrument is piano, but he also plays trumpet, drums and violin. Among his plethora of releases are Invisible Man (2006), New Jazz City (2006), Songs for Singers (2006), SETLIST (2006), TARAH’S 1st Christmas (2006), Mmvii (2007), Begin The Beguine (2009), and Ost Soundtrack (2011).

His newest album is titled Clocktime (2018). This is Bevin’s 10th! The sound is progressive, mostly jazzy electronic colors combined w/ acoustic piano and live drums. The female vocalist sings with smooth control and sophistication. This album is timeless like a classic well-directed and performed film.

We discovered this gem on CDBaby.