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Rohan Reid – Watch Me Now

Say the name, Rohan Reid, and almost everyone in Jamaica knows his life story. The third of seven children, born and raised in Kingston, Rohan was encouraged to start learning bass at the tender age of 6. In 1985 Rohan, along with Patrick Kitson and Henry Morrison formed Change, a new driving force in Jamaica’s Contemporary Gospel arena. Good news traveled fast and Change became the first local group to be signed to an international record label, Freedom Records (a division of Malaco Records). Rohan’s role as musical director, bassist, composer, producer, writer and vocalist helped to create many of the uplifting hit songs performed by the group.

Rohan, now known as one of the most accomplished bassist in the Caribbean, was highly requested and more than ready to take his talent abroad to the USA. Rifle Road was the debut album of notable Jamaican bassist/guitarist/banjo player, Rohan Reid. The mood is smooth Jazz served with R&B, Mento (that’s Jamaican before Ska), Latin and Reggae (including Dance Hall) flavorings. Now he returns with his second album Watch Me Now.

This album is available on CDBaby.