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Mark Adams – I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Clever tongue twister aside, keyboardist, composer and renowned music educator Mark Adams draws on his mile long jazz/R&B resume (Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah, Maysa, Ronnie Laws, Roy Ayers) to infuse his genre-transcendent latest album I Forgot to Remember to Forget with deeply joyful eclecticism. He’s got it all – fanciful urban jazz/funk, hip-hop, a touch of big band brass, old school soul-jazz, vibrant Latin fun and deeply felt blues. Traditional jazz fans are also invited to the party, which includes dynamic guest appearances by Ayers and legendary bassist Ron Carter.

This collection runs the gamut of musical styles from instrumental jazz to R&B to Latin jazz and hip- hop! For the listeners who crave diversity and a wide musical palette, this is the record for you on CDBaby!