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Eric Essix – More

Eric Essix‘s decision to live for music was influenced by a Weather Report concert, which Eric attended in 1977. In 1988 he debuted with his solo album First Impressions followed by Second Thoughts (1991), Third Degree Burn (1993), Eric Essix & Modern Man, LIVE!, Beautiful Music, Guitar, Just Like You (1995), The Modern Man Recordings (1993-1994), Small Talk (1998), Southbound (2000), Blue (2002), Somewhere In Alabama (2004), Abide With Me (2005), Retrospective: Volume One (2006), Birmingham (2009), My Gift To You (2010), Eric Essix (2012), Evolution (2013), The Isley Sessions (2014), Eric Essix’s Move > Trio (2015), This Train (2016).

His newest project, an anthology of songs from his recordings over the past three decades has not left the kickstarter level yet.

Instead Eric Essix is now promoting his second album, which he recorded this year, More. The album was written and arranged by Eric and produced by Kelvin Wooten, who also has written and arranged It’s About Time. Eric performs on this album guitars, Kelvin keyboards, organ, bass, sitar, and Glockenspiel. Further musicians are Marcus Finnie (drums), James “PJ” Spraggins (drums, percussion), Sean Michael Ray (bass), Kelley O’Neal (sax, flute), and Kaleah Wooten (vocals).

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