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Misz The Groove Producer – Time to Groove

Now as a mature producer, composer and arranger, she is very happy to bring an updated style and sound to the world of contemporary jazz. This is what you will hear in the latest recordings from Misz. A blend of the past mixed with contemporary to represent the present. As she blends jazz improvisations with the many musical genres, you can hear the modern day sounds influenced by the past. Those musical genres such as Soul, R&B, Pop, Country, Gospel, Hip Hop and Reggae mixed with jazz improvisations, creates music that is refreshing and the sounds are a welcomed pleasure for the listeners.

The time is now for fresh, innovative contemporary jazz. Misz will give you that. Just give a listen. Check her out. She’s called the Groove Producer for a reason. Find out why.Time to Groove is the latest music release from producer, drummer, percussionist and keyboard player, Misz The Groove Producer, aka The Jazzbian. This musical outing features songs that groove from start to finish. The album includes a very funky arrangement by Misz of the Patrice Rushen classic, Forget Me Nots. Adding to this album is a very special guest performance by the jazz legend, Jeff Lorber, on the song It’s All In The Groove. The ten uptempo songs on the album consist of fresh melodic jazz improvisations featuring performances on piano, saxophone, guitar and trumpet.

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