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Terrence Richburg – Portrait of Adoration

A native Washingtonian talent renowned for his God-given musicianship, from an early age multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Terrence Richburg has amazed audiences with his adaptable, authenticated style and “smooth” delivery. Richburg is an accomplished recording artist who comes with a wealth of knowledge of all musical styles and genres as well as the music industry. He has performed throughout the country and is characterized by his peers as “The Quincy Jones of Gospel,” “a musician’s musician,” and “a producer’s producer.”

Portrait of Adoration is a profound yet instantaneous poetic journey through a multitude of Jazz & Inspirational R&B rhythms, ballads & grooves-no stones left unturned in this rare collection of innovative melodies & arrangements that captivate hearts & souls with addictive jams.

This album is available on CDBaby.