Paul Hardcastle – VIII

Paul Hardcastle will be known to most slightly older listeners for his megahits Rain Forest and 19, which have sold millions of copies. His series The Jazzmasters was a considerable success in the field of smooth jazz, which he also continues with The Chill Lounge for the chill out genre.

The new album Hardcastle 8 (2018) has already announced itself through a number of video releases. Insiders will have heard the new melodies several times. Afterwards the impression is confirmed that his songs mostly settle in a dance floor suitable smooth jazz. On most of the songs the old companion Rock Hendricks plays the saxophone, as far as Paul’s son doesn’t reach for the saxophone himself.

Amber Skies, in earlier publications Amber Sky, starts the album with the Hardcastle own interweaving of different melody fragments to an atmospheric unison. Turn Down the Heat is Hardcastle’s apodictic appeal against the climate catastrophe, which gives the heat-damaged listeners some cooling alternative.

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