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Groovetronx – Fiesta

Fiesta is very special time in San Antonio. Our annual spring celebration to commemorate the Battle of the Alamo is a city-wide “Party with a Purpose.” Over 2 million people from all over the world turn out for this huge celebration of carnivals, parties, concerts, parades, and much more. Being a part of the musical offerings of the 100+ official events is an honor for the local bands are every slot is coveted. To play Fiesta is know you are a part of the musical legacy of San Antonio.

This album Fiesta is recorded live at Market Square (El Mercado) during Fiesta de los Reyes. These extended jams were played for hundreds of passersby who stopped to dance, clap, take selfies and videos, and to get out of the heat for minute, drink some beer, and enjoy the experience of Fiesta in the heart of San Antonio.

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