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Salentin & Scheffler – Urban Insomnia

German Trumpeter Hans Peter Salentin and Roland Specialist Hans Jörg Scheffler in collaboration with an outstanding cast of high class musicians from all over the world have created Urban Insomnia, the ultimate soundtrack for sleepless city nights. Stay awake with 12 tunes that offer a musical melange of styles and sounds perfectly capturing the urban lifestyle in beats and frequencies.

HP Salentin provides the elegant trumpet and flugelhorn leads and solos in Schefflers harmonically rich compositions. Sophisticated grooves played by drummers like Steve Gadd, Peter Erskine, Craig Blundell and Matthias Knorr and additional solos played by musicians from all over the planet like Jean Mi Kajdan from Paris on guitar, Tatsuya Nishiwaki from Tokyo on chromatic harmonica, Rob Friedman from the US on piano and Greg Schlaepfer from Frisco on Rhodes piano and Nivaldo Allves from Brazil on vocals make this record stand out from the crowd.

Urban Insomnia is your first choice on CDBaby.