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Grance Taff – Still a Minor?

Grance Taff (born Khalil Lejon Williams) grew up in the San Joaquin Valley, California playing saxophone, drums and keys from a young age, and largely in his church. Khalil began writing music around the age of 14, but given his lack of access to high-end recording gear, he began experimenting with the means he had available: hand-me-down iPhones and iPod Touches with first Music On: Drums (Nintendo 3DS), then Frooty Loops Studio. He found his sound on saxophone in 5th grade and began developing it. 6 years later, Khalil was introduced to Berklee College of Music’s Five-Week Program, at which he fell in love with the school and committed two years after (taking one year to graduate high school and another to attend community college to build up credits).

He is currently producing and recording his own music. “Still a Minor?” is his first official album release under the pseudonym Grance Taff (say it three times fast!). The songs are all produced by and feature him on saxophone. The album’s title synthesizes Khalil’s personal evaluation of his behavior.

Check it out on CDBaby.