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Fabio Mignola – Encantado

A Swiss guitarist with Italian heritage that sounds promising. Fabio Mignola studied his instrument with professor Dante Brenna and with further virtuosos like Alberto Ponce, Alexander Rodrigues and Ralph Towner. His solo albums mirror his diverse styles and influences. In 1999 he released Chitarra Ticinese, solo guitar arrangements of folk songs, followed by Flor de Luna (2000), a collection of auxiliary solo recordings. His first step into the contemporary jazz genre was the album Flyin’ Away (2003), which was compared with the music of Peter White and Acoustic Alchemy. Neapolitan jazz is to hear on his album Luna Rossa (2005). His next album Take Me Higher (2008) received high acclaims by many Internet critics of the smooth jazz realm.

His new album Encantado (2018) is a unique blend of Smooth Jazz with Brazilian flavors and rhythms with lush harmonies performed by a impassioned guitarist.

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