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Peter Herold – All That I’Am

The former saxophonist of internationally acclaimed Hungarian Smooth Jazz group The Peet Project, Peter Herold, brings the same funky grooves, emotional intensity and wild abandon to “Love of God,” his infectious new pop, gospel and Smooth Jazz infused single as a solo artist. Weaving his sax between the passionate lead vocals of onetime Hungarian X Factor finalist Nico Ross and a small chorus echoing the song title, Herold truly makes jazz a heartfelt and rousing spiritual experience.

Péter Herold, 31 years old, is musician and graphic artist. He tries to pass through all the impulses that come to life, both good and bad. He expresses this accumulated experience with music or visual representation and turn it back into the world.

Now his debut album All That I’Am follows on September 15, 2018.