SAXPACKGIRL – Dream a Night Like This

Pacharee Sa-nguanprasert (Pang) was born in April 19, 1990. Pacharee started to learn Saxophone when she was 14 years old in secondary school band. In 2008 Pachare was accepted from College Of Music, Mahidol University Major in saxophone performance (classical) with Professor Shyen Lee and Mr.Anawin Kerdteesud in Jazz Saxophone (Minor program). After graduated she work as teacher and musician.

In 2014 she has set the group with her partner Kwang which called SAXPACKGIRL channel in Youtube and Facebook Page. As they work together known as “SAXPACKGIRL”, Kwang & Pang did the Travel&Music Festival Video Program as the hosts. And they did the cover songs and also write their own original songs to use for the Youtube programs and Live Sessions. In 2017 they have released their first album Dream a Night Like This.

This album is available on iTunes.

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