Dave Muse – Forgotten Journey

Dave Muse has released on May 21, 2018 his 4th solo album, Forgotten Journey. This new project takes an evolutionary step toward a more contemporary jazz feel with a Latin funk vibe, moving away from the rock/pop/jazz sound of Dave’s 2016 release Firefall Revisited. But don’t be mistaken, it won’t be boring background music. These tracks are upbeat, light and will make you move.

The CD will include 10 tracks, featuring many of the musicians already associated with the Dave Muse sound. Dave has brought back his co-producer / Master of Keyboards Ron Reinhardt, drummer extraordinaire Dave Reinhardt and the incomparable Tim George on bass guitar. There are also some new faces in the crowd to round out the sound. Further  joining artists are Craig Chaquico, Neal Schon, Jim Peterik and Nate Najar.

This album is available on Amazon.com.

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