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Kai Otten – Camper Mode

Decorative music is what Kai Otten calls his second acoustic-electronic album Camper Mode. This is not meant to sound belittling or even disparagingly in any way. Quite the contrary: Because good music can indeed be background music, says the 33-year old composer, producer and guitarist. Music can be gentle, invite you to dream and relax – but also has to take the listener up his or her promise to decode what actually happens. And that is what you can find a lot of on Camper Mode, released on Kai Otters own label Lounge Aroma.

The influences and the sounds range from Ambience to Easy Listening to Electronica, from Flamenco to Jazz to Trip Hop. Handmade sounds and self-made instruments meet synthesizers and sound samples like crackling, noise, rustling and ringing. And every time Kai Otten`s crystal clear solo concert guitar puts itself on top of the lovingly composed instrumentals.

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