Denis Farfone – Timeless

‘It’s a passion. If I don’t do it, it’s like not breathing,’ he says. ‘I was blessed with a very different type of sound,’ he says. ‘I can play soft and sweet and driving and dirty on the same song.’ ‘I take my music very seriously. I nurture it, respect it,’ says Denis Farfone. ‘I,m not a moonlighter, I’m very professional, and I think people appreciate that.’ ‘I am so passionate, so blessed, so lucky,’ Farfone says. ‘I had gotten back to writing and maybe playing a gig,’ Farfone says of his start in 2005. ‘I started to write all of these songs and was having so much fun I just decided I would keep doing it. So playing all original songs just made sense.’ And play all original songs he does – his current catalog includes more than 300 songs from his more than 25 solo albums, like ‘Celebration Of Life’ and ‘Dream Catcher’ to lesser-known gems.

Timeless is his newest project. A smooth silky yet vibrant soprano saxophone will take you to the moon and back! The album is available on CDBaby.

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