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Terry Tuck – String Theory (Bass Beyond the Limits)

Hailing from the most enviable and historic musical city in the world dubbed “Hitsville USA,” this self-taught musician began his musical career on the trumpet. As his love of music began to develop, Terry Tuck added piano, and rhythm guitar to his skill set. The last instrument learned was bass guitar, but quickly became his instrument of choice. In his early career Terry was bass player for various R&B groups down at Detroit’s “Hitsville” USA in the early Motown years.

Terry’s experience as a bass player for Contemporary Christian, Gospel, R&B and Jazz artists are all interwoven into his distinctive sound which he calls “breaking the rules Jazz.” Terry’s skill for interpreting melodies on 4,5,6 string and Piccolo Bass Guitars creates his own unique place in the genre. Recent recordings and collaborations include Bob Baldwin, Randy Scott, Al Turner, Cordell Walton, Cecil Ramirez, Isaiah Katumwa, Daryl Beebe and Mark Polo Dixon. His latest CD String Theory, takes the listeners musical imagination into another dimension of Jazz Bassist artistry.

This album is a valuable addition to your smooth jazz collection. Get it now on