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Marco de Vita – Alpha & Omega Instrumental

Marco de Vita’s talent and musicianship allow him to navigate in a multitude of segments within the entertainment music industry. He has a long track record as a musical director & producer for movie soundtracks, including “Depois Daquele Baile”, a movie directed by Roberto Bomtempo. In addition Marco produces commercial soundtracks and jingles for major Brazilian agencies such as XRBM, Play It Again and MCR, to name a few. He was also the A&R representative of many artists like Elza Soares (Orchestral), Oswaldo Montenegro, Liah, Aline Muniz and some others. Out of these collaborations came opportunities to produce and play with great names in the Brazilian music scene (Lua Laffaiete, Tíbor Yuzo, Tom Capone, Elza Soares, Oswaldo Montenegro, Roberto Menescal, Liah, Tânia Maia, Aline Muniz).

Directing, composing and producing songs for theater, plays and teaching at reknown Brazilian music school CLAM is also in his activities list, when not involved in the writing, recording and producing of his own musical work. Marco de Vita released to date four instrumental music albums – A Hora Do Sonho, Instrumental, OLB and Mata Paulistana. He donates 20% of the proceeds to HOPE Children’s Hospital and day care centers.

His new album Alpha & Omega Instrumental is a romantic project with the harmonica in the focus. Just arrived on CDBaby.