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Mako Sax – Sketches of Smooth Jazz, Vol. 1: Bellavista Urban Club

Marco Spedaliere is undoubtedly a young lion of the European new jazz generation. Saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, this musician has an unexpected, tough and powerful sound ,at the same time, capable of creating moments of intense sweetness. In 2004 he founded the “Virtual Saxophone Studio”, a comprehensive study on the web devoted to recording tracks of sax, collaborating with musicians, composers and music productions from around the world ,creating a network of musicians and production based entirely on contact “on the web’.

In 2010 he recorded and released his first album – Stories – a jazz-fusion project that has received many positive comments from music critics. After the “Stories” tour, on August 2011, he recorded his second album Bonjour with Gianluca Palmieri, Mario Nappi and Guerino Rondolone. A sound completely different, much more devoted to tradition. A tribute to pay to the past and present giants of jazz. With Sketches of Smooth Jazz, Vol. 1: Bellavista Urban Club he starts a serial about smooth jazz tunes, now on sale on CDBaby.