Nick Colionne – Just Being Me

If the term entertainer had not yet been invented, then it would have to be created for the guitarist Nick Colionne. The best dressed musician under God’s sun is like a natural event onstage.

His new album Just Being Me is just released in April, 2018, on Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records. Nick has written two songs, producers and keyboardists Chris “Big Dog” Davis and James Lloyd the other songs. The album also contains a song written by Holland, Dozier and Holland.

Further supporting musicians are John Blasucci (keyboards & programming), Garret Body (bass), Tom Hipskind (drums) and Buff (Tony) Burnette (vocals). Just Being Me is the self-confident answer that guitarist Nick Colionne gives us. With overflowing power he spreads the statement of everything will be fine.

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