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Luis Nascimento – AD / DA

The album AD/DA is the accomplishment of producing song of composition and unique design, using an electric guitar, a DAW, VSTis and lots of imagination. The musician, composer, arranger and music producer Luis Nascimento with 45 years of experience in the musical field, is an unconditional fan of Jazz and Bossa Nova and has felt with Smooth Jazz the way to fulfill his dream.

This is his debut album with ten songs, composed, arranged, interpreted, produced and fixed exclusively by him. AD/DA comes to feature a way to work the quotation, “alone, but not only”.

Of simple and pleasant language Smooth Jazz is enchanting and conquering its place in the world of music touching its public with its tender and pleasant melody. AD/DA is the first Electric Guitar album by Luis Nascimento, musician and music producer. Get it on CDBaby.