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Vandell Andrew – 30

Hailing from the “Birthplace of Jazz” New Orleans, Vandell Andrew is a part of the new generation of the jazz genre. Years Later… (2011) was his debut album followed by Turn It Up (2014). Since the release of Turn It Up Vandell has been afforded the opportunity to play venues and festivals around the world, such as the Catalina Island Jazz Trax Festival and the Legendary Ronnie Scott’s in London,UK. In 2016 he released with All For Love an amazing textural piece of sax in the lead.

“The new album is called 30 and it reflects the thoughts that go into reaching that age milestone,” Vandell says. “I’ve always felt like turning 30 is when you become a true adult and your career and life goals become clearer. Musically, I’ve reached a place where I’m confident in what I write, play and perform. My true sound has become evident and the music is much more mature. Don’t get me wrong, I still play a lot of funk live – I’ve just got other things on my mind. This album is so emotional that you can feel me on a whole different level.”

His new album 30 is an all-star cast of musicians/vocalists like De’Marcus Walker, LeTempest Barnes, Britt Frappier, Landa Morgan, Marcus Anderson, Julian C. Vaughn, Matt Godina, Lew Laing Jr, Dirk Pate, Kerry Marshall, Andre Frappier, Phil Martin & Andrew Freeman. With 10 original tracks it is available on CDBaby.