Florin Clonta – Saxoflone

Florin Clonta is a Romanian-Canadian alto saxophonist. He was born and raised in Romania, where he finished also his musical studies, earning a Bachelor of Music degree in music pedagogy from one of the most reputable Romanian conservatories, ”Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy. In 2008, at age 26, Florin moved to Canada where he is performing as a solo artist in diverse areas of Southern Ontario, having also successful collaborations with other musicians on various projects. In March 2018 Florin released Saxoflone, his debut solo album, a perfect balance of laid-back and uplifting tunes, creativity and influences, past and present.

In a career that spans two decades, Florin Clonta has delighted audiences with his performances and dynamic style, but the next chapter of his story is yet to be written… Get his album at CDBaby.

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