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Paula Atherton – Shake It

Saxophonist Paula Atherton is one of those go-getters who have made it to the top in the music business. She started her solo projects with Let Me Inside Your Love (2001), followed by Groove with Me (2009), Enjoy The Ride (2012) and Ear Candy (2015). Her newest album is Shake It (2018).

Mentioned in the liner notes are Dave Delhome, Darin Brown, Jorgen Kjaer, Bill Heller (keyboards), Schuyler Deale, Ron Monroe, Roy DeJesus (bass), Emedin Rivera (percussion), Lou Gimenez, Nick Colionne (guitar), Lionell Cordew, Tony Lewis (drums), Cindy Bradley (trumpet, trombone), and Melissa Raye (background vocals). Paula performs on her album flute, alto sax, Bari sax and vocals.

Most of the songs are written by Paula Atherton, in parts with other musicians. Nick Colionne has written one song and the album has one cover.

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