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Nils – Play

German-born jazz guitarist Nils has found the way to the hearts of the smooth jazz audience with albums like Pacific Coast Highway (2005), Ready To Play (2007), Up Close And Personal(2009), What The Funk (2010), City Groove (2012), and Alley Cat (2015). His new album Play (2018) is the next stunning bringer of the groove.

Besides his longtime core band of Clydene Jackson (keyboards, vocals), percussionist Oliver C. Brown and bassist Darryl Williams are joining this project drummers Gorden Campbell, Tony Moore and Eric Valentine, pianists Gail Jhonson and Mitchel Forman, bassist Roberto Vally, keyboardists Philippe Saisse and Nate Harasim and saxophonists Steve Cole (solo), Brandon Willis (solo), Charley Langer (horn section) and Mike Parlett (horn section). Finally, Johnny Britt adds vocals, keys, Rhodes, trumpet, and horns to selected tracks.

The starting Coast To Coast conjures up the fantastic mood of a ride along the coast with its multitude of vivid impressions reflected in Nile’s guitar riffs. The song We Got Love was released in 2015 by Babyface as part of his album Return of the Tender Lover titled in reference to his second solo album Tender Lover. Nils perfectly captures in his rendition the rollicking vibes of the original.

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