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Andrea Joi – Undefined

Andrea Joi debuts her crossover album, Undefined, which is an eclectic project that pushes the boundaries of the flute in commercial music to new heights. Andrea Joi (AJ) performs an array of original compositions and re-vamped arrangements with her sultry flute sound that many describe as “the Sound of the Ocean.” The album takes listeners on a sonic journey around the world and collides musical traditions and currencies in an unorthodox fashion. Andrea Joi’s music will make you dance, cry, and smile from ear to ear.

Andrea Joi (AJ) is a powerful woman who is multi-ethnic, not only in her heritage but in her music as well, which allows her to touch the souls of audiences of all demographic backgrounds. Elements of African Dance, Jazz, Classical, EDM, Gospel, Native American, Latin, and Pop Music are all represented throughout this project in a way that is truly “Undefined”!

Undefined is on CDBaby.